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No Clinton, No Trump, Nosara

By October 13, 2016Nosara Living

Welcome to my first blog. After watching the ‘debacle’, whoops, I mean ‘debate’ last night, I realized that I am running out of time to capitalize on the U.S. (not very) Presidential Election. Why not? Saturday Night Live is capitalizing on it… why can’t I? Let me start off by clearly stating that, just as you, I have equal disdain for the candidate you will not be voting for. I mean… come on… isn’t he/she despicable? When I saw a recent poll that 70% of Americans feel the country is not on the right course, it made me feel 1. I agree 2. Why don’t they just sell all of their “shtuff” and move to Costa Rica? I did, and I’m happier than a Yogi at an organic market!

It appears that each election year since 2001 (the year I moved to Nosara) has left a little less than half of the electorate disenfranchised. First Bush… then Obama… blah, blah, blah, I’m preaching to the choir. And as far as disdain, this election is one for the record books. I’ve heard many people say, “If so and so wins, I’m moving to Costa Rica”. Well, if you feel that way… do it! Put your flip flop where your shoe is. I’ll even help you! Many people are already doing what most just dream about, not because of Trump/Clinton phenomenon. The Internet is allowing certain people to work from wherever they choose. So why not choose your home near a gorgeous, warm watered tropical beach? Some people are starting their own business and becoming their own boss, while others are buying vacation homes so they (too) have a place to ‘escape’ when time permits, while some are preparing for retirement. Does this sound better than the alternative? It just takes some money, big ‘huevos’ and some planning. Now don’t get me wrong… I’m still very patriotic in almost every way to the country where I was born (although often feel embarrassed when speaking to international friends about current US politics). I just see a better life for myself and my family in Costa Rica, the country where I’ve called home for more than 1/3 of my life. Can’t a guy feel patriotic toward two countries?

While pondering how a country like the U.S., 330 million people strong, managed to have a head-to-head presidential race between a liar and a liar, assuring an untruthful multi-millionaire the next presidency, I realized that in Costa Rica the people are not divided. There isn’t the contempt for people who don’t see eye-to-eye on politics. It is understood that not everyone will feel the same way on every subject… and that is okay. Isn’t that a better way to be than, “if you don’t agree with the liar I’m voting for, you can ‘un-friend me’ on Facebook”? Is this who Americans have become? Aren’t we better than this? We were. We all can learn from the peace and fun loving Tico culture. I gratefully have and I believe I’m a happier person for it.

What would it mean to live in paradise? First of all, it’s not ‘paradise’, I’m certainly not claiming that life in Nosara, Costa Rica is perfect or without its challenges; however, just about every time I turn on the news I’m relieved to know that I’m somewhat removed from elections, shootings, riots, pharmaceuticals, infighting, GMO’s, debt, border issues and the list goes on. By contrast, life in Nosara is healthy, peaceful and usually quite relaxing. We don’t have to commute to work and almost never sit in traffic (unless a local cowboy is moving his herd from one field to another). We have fresh, healthy, and organic food options almost anywhere we shop/eat. There is plenty of time for exercise, surfing, and yoga as well as time to spend with family and friends. It never gets cold! We are surrounded by like-minded, healthy people who are generally outgoing and ‘pura vida’ and I don’t know or care about the political leanings of most of them. There are almost always good waves to surf in Nosara. When our kids go to school there are no ‘medal detectors’ or ‘lockdown drills’. Because of the great weather and plethora of fun things to do for kids they are not parked in front of the TV getting bombarded with clever advertising, they come home dirty (or sandy) from riding bikes, playing sports, climbing trees and enjoying their deserved ‘innocence of youth’.

If this contrast of lifestyle sounds appealing to you, let me help. That is what is designed to do. In the mean time… try not to dislike the person who “hates” the candidate that you “hate less”. But between you and me, I’m with you. 😉


Caricatures of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  (Photo: DonkeyHotey/flickr/cc)

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