Nosara is paradise in many ways, but it’s certainly not perfect. Nosara’s biggest negative is petty theft. While any kind of violent crime is rare, petty theft is not. Most theft happens either at the beach or to vacation rental homes. The little rats get away with it more often than not, but that is beginning to change. If you live with security in mind, you are much less likely to have a problem. Full time residents tend to have fewer problems because most of us have dogs, which are the single best deterrent. By dogs… I mean dogs. Not little fluffy white yipping cotton balls, but dogs that would make you think twice about entering a property where you weren’t welcome. Little dogs have their place too… as they are usually good barkers (to wake up the bigger dogs…). Most houses have bars on the windows and/or alarms/cameras. If you take the necessary precautions, you won’t be low hanging fruit. The crime situation in Nosara has improved over the past few years with much credit going to the Tourist Police, the volunteers of the Nosara Security Association (, and the community members/property managers who have created neighborhood watches and have hired guards.

The Police are located in downtown Nosara, about 100 meters south of the airport “terminal” (2682-5332).