Nosara is a wonderful place to be a dog. They can go with you to places like the beach. Please keep in mind that you are still responsible for your dog while in public places. Dogs have been known to dig up turtle nests, attack nesting turtles, make a mess of garbage cans and even have a scrap on the beach with other dogs. So enjoy your time with Scruffy, just make sure he’s not ruining anyone else’s time. Our beaches are wildlife refuges, and we want to protect nature as much as we can.

No Quarantine: You can bring your pet from the US and Canada to Costa Rica without putting the animal in quarantine. Many of Nosara’s finest looking canines were born elsewhere. There are however, a few things you should know.

Tick Disease: Ehrlichia is a disease many local dogs have and carry that is passed on by ticks. While this disease can kill dogs and cats, it can also be managed. The disease attacks the red blood cells in the animal and in severe cases the animal will lose energy, become thin and even bleed from their nose. The most important thing you can do for your animal is to have their blood checked every three months minimum. If the levels of red blood cells drop, there is an antibiotic that you can give the animal that can restore its health. Once an animal has Ehrlichia, it will always be a carrier and the symptoms can return (thus the three month blood tests).

Adopt: If you are in the market for a pet, there are volunteers who work tirelessly to save dogs who need homes. So, before you buy an expensive dog, please consider adopting a local dog. They are the most loyal of canines and most resistant to tropical diseases.

There are a few good vets in town including Safari Animal Clinic (2682-0735) and Agroveterinaria Nosara (2682-5042).

The best info I found on bringing your bet in from another country is: