Long Term Rentals

Some prefer to rent before they buy or perhaps intend to live in Nosara for a year or two. Long term rentals are available all over the community but you should be forewarned, it may be difficult to find available houses! Most of the houses that rent in the area are only available for weekly vacation rentals because the owners want access to their home a couple of times per year. With more people looking to live in Nosara, the long term rentals are often snatched up pretty quickly. The growth and popularity of Del Mar Academy is also playing a role as many ‘sabbatical families’ come for a year or two, dominate the long term rental pool. Our best advice is to be flexible. Often renters have a strict list of requirements and have trouble finding exactly what they’re looking for. Remember… a great Costa Rica experience doesn’t require flat screen TV’s, two extra bedrooms nor walk in closets. Most people draw the line at having decent Internet, which is available most everywhere. Some renters have seen success by being flexible with the home owner. For example, offer a home owner time to come down two to three times a year. Some renters will vacate Christmas week so the homeowner can get out of the cold while the renters use that week to head north and visit family. Getting creative can only help. There are many property managers in the Nosara area that can help you find a rental home.

Most 2BR houses/condos can range from $800-$1600/month, while 3-4BR’s can be from $1500-$4000+/month.