Local Doctors: We are lucky to have good doctors in Nosara. Healthcare overall in Costa Rica is really good. The Paradise Medical Clinic, in Playa Guiones, is where Dr. Alejandro and his staff, as well as Dra. Laura, our local dentist, have their offices. Dra. Kattia has her clinic on the road to Del Mar Academy. The Cruz Roja (Red Cross) is in downtown Nosara and has an ambulance. For things like stitches, the flu, a mysterious rash, the local doctors will take good care of you. For broken bones or more urgent ailments, you’ll want to head to Nicoya, Liberia or San Jose.

Emergencies: For emergencies the closest hospital is in Nicoya which is about one hour away (which sometimes can be driven in about 45 minutes in an emergency). There is also a ‘life flight’ service that can pick you up in Nosara by either plane or helicopter to get you quickly to San Jose. This can be coordinated through the local doctors. The best contact for any emergency are the firemen: (Bomberos de Nosara).

Hospitals: CIMA in Escazu is the most commonly used hospital by expatriates. People also have had great experience at Clinica Biblica Hospital in San Jose. The hospital in Nicoya is a public hospital while the two Cima Hospitals and Clinica Biblica are private. What’s the difference? The public hospitals are free but you will most likely have to share a room, expect waiting times and have lower expectations for esthetics. The private hospitals you need to pay for, while the service is good and the buildings are new.

Specialists: For specialist doctors many choose CIMA Hospital in Escazu, San Jose. The hospital has several towers around it that are filled with individual doctor’s offices. From orthopedic surgeons, pediatricians, optometrists to gynecologists, you’ll find who you need there.

Insurance: For insurance questions, just about everyone in town uses Phil:, CR: 8707-9939/US: 973-536-1191, who is an insurance broker (health, life, auto and property).

Paradise Medical Clinic in Playa Guiones (2682-1212)
Dra Kattia (2682-0404)
Cruz Roja-Ambulance (2682-0175)
CIMA Hospital in Escazu, San Jose (2208-1000)
Clinica Biblica Hospital in San Jose (2522-1000).