Cost of Living

Lifestyles of the Poor and Tan: Nosara is an expensive place to live, at least by Costa Rica standards. Food is the most notable cost we see. The grocery stores now provide many brands that you might see in the U.S., Canada or even in Europe, but with those fancy brands comes the cost of getting them here, import taxes and even a little profit. I’ve heard people from places like New York, California and Toronto say their super market bills are comparable to what they spend here in Nosara (with less selection of course…).

Eating Out: One could easily argue that Nosara has the best and healthiest restaurants on the coast of Costa Rica. With quality comes cost. While the food is really fresh, and tastes great… the average dinner plate will be $15-$20. There are some ‘local-owned restaurants’ with great food that is less expensive.

The Mall: Where can you save money you ask? At the mall, because Nosara has no mall so you won’t even be tempted. The local hardware store also has to import just about everything, so be prepared to pay 25%-40% more than you might in North America.

How to Save: While renting homes, buying cars and eating are a bit more expensive… the beach is free. There is no toll for surfing and you can take a yoga class for about $20 that is guaranteed to improve your day! Nosara has amazing sunsets year round and you can take your dog to the beach without the fear of jail time. There is also something to be said for the money saved on a wardrobe. Shorts and flip flops are much more economical than suits, slacks, loafers or pumps. There are no dry cleaners in Nosara.

Sample Budget

ExpenseMonthly Estimate
Pool Service$120.00
Property Mgt$150.00
Electric Bill$200.00
Phone and Int$42.57
Maid Service$240.00