Transport to/from Airports

SJO: Costa Rica’s largest airport is in San Jose (SJO) which is roughly a four to five hour drive to/from Nosara. If you do not want to make the drive from San Jose you can take a national flight from SJO to Nosara on Sansa ( There are two daily flights to/from San Jose on Sansa and the costs vary depending on time of year. You cannot bring large items on Sansa flights (like long surfboards). You can also hire a shuttle van to drive which costs about $300.

LIR: The closest international airport is in Liberia (LIR). Liberia only opened in 2004 and we have seen new flights every year. Liberia is about a 2.5 hour drive from Nosara… but I know people who have done in about 1.5 hours. A lot depends on the condition of the roads when you need to go. There are also several private minivan shuttles to/from Liberia. The cost is generally about $125. Sansa also flies from Liberia to Nosara which is great if the timing of your flights work out.