Building a House

In Nosara we are spoiled with several well respected building companies who are established and will be able to show you examples of their work. While there are always people nervous about taking on a building project, it is not as daunting as most think.

Managing the Process: Most people who were not onsite throughout the building process find they are generally very happy with the finished product upon completion. In these cases, the Internet has really changed things for the better. Every builder now has a ‘smart phone’, so taking photos and sending constant updates is quick and easy. Some people will hire a project manager to oversee the process, but it is more common that people have their architect check in on the build to have an extra set of eyes on the process. The important things to verify are that the right gauge of rebar is being used and that there are enough poured columns and the right steel is being used. Again, we are in a seismic zone, so… safety first.

Materials: Builders, architects and designers have access to very high end building materials: tile, roofing, lighting, appliances, fixtures and finishings. Some of these products are made domestically while most are imported. Traditionally, most houses in the area are all made from concrete block. In the past few years we have seen more steal framed houses and even some container homes go up.

Cost: The average cost of high end construction can range from $150-$200/square foot. This price would not include site preparation, or pool/patios. The average pool would cost from $40,000-$70,000.